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29th & 30th October, 2015 at Hong Kong Baptist University

Literature and Locale - A Five Cornered Conversation, and an International Symposium on the Literary Works of Jia Pingwa

29/10/2015 (Thurs)


Speakers, panel chairmen, respondents: (in alphabetical order)

Manuel Pavón Belizón

Chen Zhongyi

Howard Choy

Li Sen

Lin Jianfa

Liu Jianmei

Kwai-cheung Lo

Christopher Mattison

Robert Neather

Eugene Eoyang

Janice Pan

Carlos Pojas

Shiohata Shin'ichiro

Jiwei Xiao

Wai-ping Yau

Jessica Yeung

Zhang Xuexin

A Five Cornered Conversation

30/10/2015 (Fri)


Participating writers: (in order of speech)

Jia Pingwa (Shaanzxi)

Memtimin Hoshur (Xinjiang)

Su Tong (Jiangsu)

Pema Tseden (Qinghai Amdo Tibetan region)

Chan Koonchung (Hong Kong)


Department of Chinese Language and Literature, HKBU

Department of Humanities and Creative Writing, HKBU

Centre for Translation, HKBU

Institute of Foreign Literature, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Soochow Academic Journal