24th & 25th February, 2016

Screenings of Works by Wang Libo

24/2/2016 (Fri)

7:30pm at Green Wave Art


China | 2016 | 128mins | Chinese and English subtitles

The experience and reflections of a Red Guard.

Director's Statement

Every time after a political disaster, most people are turned into victims of the disaster.

The Individual actions of the victims in the disaster are always overlooked.

These overlooked actions permeate the entire process of the disaster.

The entire process of the disaster turns most people into victims of the disaster.

In every political disaster...



14:30 at Hong Kong Baptist University


China | 2016 | 128mins | Chinese and English subtitles

The film records interviews with numerous witnesses of the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake as a way to investigate the prediction and non-disclosure of the prediction proceeding to disaster. It also exposes the same disregard for procedure that again let to the tragedy of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake.

Director's Statement:

The 1976 Tangshan Earthquake left the world with many unanswered questions. Before the earthquake, seismologists and quake experts in Beijing had already warned of an imminent quake. But in the end more than 240,000 people had to pay with their lives, causing a shocking tragedy of massive proportions. Why did this happen? In the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake about 100,000 people were killed. Faced with terrible quakes, the human race repeats tragedy time and time again. It is terrible that people can only offer money and bland tears after the disaster - when better preparation could have saved lives. A people has to courageously face it's own weaknesses; only then is there room for progress.

25/2/2016 (Sat)

6pm at Hong Kong Baptist University

Oh! The Three Gorges

China | 2013 | 108mins | Chinese and English subtitles

The Three Gorges Dam was the world's largest hydro-electric power water conservancy project. In 2010, the dam's water level reached 175 meters, that is, its maximum capacity. Emerging at the same time were a host of other problems: population relocation, geological disaster, environmental harm, problems of sourcing sustainable operation costs...

Director's Statement:

As an individual citizen grown up during such a period of transition and transformation in China, I hope to exercise my right to know and mu right to discourse, both legally granted to me by the Constitutions, and approach the issues of the Three Gorges Dam as a citizen should be able to.

What are the responsibilities and rights of an individual?

What are the responsibilities and authority of a state government?


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Steering Committee for Contemporary Chinese Culture and the Anthropocene Research Consortium