11th March, 2017 at Hong Kong Baptist University

Seminar on Xu Xing's Fiction and Film

Screening of 5+5

85mins | Chinese and English subtitles


Talk on Literature and Film


  • XU Xing
    XU (b. 1956) made his name as a fiction writer in the 1980s and has in recent years turned to making documentaries focusing on the Cultural Revolution.

  • YAN Lianke
    YAN is a prominent novelist whose recent work Death of the Sun has won the Dream of Red Chamber Award.

  • YING Liang
    YING is a prominent filmmaker whose latest work A Sunny Day has won the Best Live Action Short Film at the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards.



Creative and Professional Writing Programme, HKBU

Steering Committee for Contemporary Chinese Culture and the Anthropocene Research Consortium, HKBU